Education & Outreach

At Nanolab, we are committed to undergraduate and graduate education as an integral part of our research activities. Towards making our research accessible, we are creating web-based modules, online tutorials and a place for all useful links pertaining to integrated circuit design, microfabrication and nanotechnology. This will benefit people from all backgrounds to understand and share the excitement of engineering research and education. Please browse through this page for more links on our current list of tutorials and web-based modules.

We are also actively involved in several outreach activities through the Center for Engineering Education Outreach and the University's summer scholars program.

Useful Technical Tutorials

We have prepared some tutorials that are broadly accessible. If you are a Tufts student, we have a suite of libraries, documents and tutorials (restricted due to proprietary reasons) by accessing the group's internal website here.

  1. Cadence Tutorial for IC 5.1.41 at Tufts University
  2. Cadence Tutorial for IC 6.1 Linux Version at Tufts University
  3. Cadence Wiki and Tutorial at North Caroline State University
  4. HSpice Tutorial at Tufts University
  5. AWaves Tutorial at Tufts University

Communicating Science tools for engineers and scientists

  1. Webinars and resources from American Association of Advancement of Sciences (AAAS)
  2. European Union Report: Communicating Science: A Scientist Survival Kit
  3. Ideas worth spreading