Carbon Nanotube and Carbon Nanotube on CMOS Sensor for Gas Sensing

TITLE: Carbon Nanotubes and DNA-Decorated Carbon Nanotubes on CMOS for Gas Sensing (Completed)

Advisors: Sameer R Sonkusale (Tufts), Mehmet R Dokmeci (Northeastern), Michelle Chen (Simmons Save College)

Researchers: Vinay Agarwal, Chia-Ling Chen


We are working on controlled electric field assisted assembly of single walled nanotubes and DNA-decorated single walled nanotubes on CMOS for physical and chemical sensing. Our proposed simple die level post processing and integration technology can allow for heteregeneous integration of different nanowires and nanotubes on CMOS, thus offering a more practical pathway for realization of nnanodevices that harness the amazing electrical, physical and chemical properties of the nanomaterials.


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