Microelectrode Array on CMOS with Integrated VLSI Potentiostat

TITLE: Microelectrode Array on CMOS with Integrated VLSI Potentiostat

Advisor: Sameer R Sonkusale, David Walt

Researchers: Meera Punjiya, Pooria Mostafalu, Sungkil Hwang (Completed),  Vinay Agarwal (Completed)


We have succesfully fabricated of gold microelectrode arrays directly on CMOS for electrochemical sensing applications. Built-in row and column decoder provides individual access to microelectrodes, and built-in VLSI circuits provide  high resolution, high sensitivity readout. Such microelectrode arrays are ideal for lab-on-chip applications. Our next step in this project is to increase the sensitivity of the readout electronics and to expand applications to biological sensing.


In the area of application specific sensing front ends, for the first time (IEEE Sensors Journal 2009). In another work, we implemented a high gain transimpedance amplifier for potentiostat applications with much lower input impedance using a modified wilson current mirror topology with feedback (IEEE Sensors Journal 2010).


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