Kyoung crosses the finish line

Kyoung Chul Park has finally crossed that elusive finish line by defending his dissertation titled "Lab-on-chip platforms on CMOS for manipulating and sensing of biological entities". He will join Avago in California. Congrats Dr. Park!


Pooria defends his dissertation

Pooria Mostafalu defended his dissertation successfully on "Nano enabled sensors, electronics on various substrates". He will join Harvard University and Harvard Medical School as a postdoctoral researcher. Congrats!


Robbie's manuscript on analog multiplication using digital gates and passive circuits accepted for publication

Robbie's ingenious work on using just passive RC circuits and inverters to perform analog multiplication has been accepted for publication in Electronics Letters. Congrats Robbie! Chip results in the context of machine learning algorithms is planned for the near future.


Shideh succesfully defends her PhD dissertation!

Shideh Kabiri Ameri succesfully defended her PhD dissertation on "Two and three dimensional graphene for electronics, sensing and biotechnology". She is graduating with more than 11 journal (published and submitted), 11 conference papers and 1 invention disclosure to her name. Congrats on a job well done!


Sonkusale to serve on the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports

Sonkusale has been invited to serve on the editorial board of the Scientific Reports, a Nature journal.

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