Liquid gated 3D transistor accepted in CARBON

Shideh Kabiri's work on 3D transistor made with graphene foam and operates via liquid gating has been accepted for publication in CARBON. It is the first true 3D wet liquid transistor which is also biocompatible, that can eventually be integrated with tissues and living things


Metamaterials for 2D Microplasmas to appear in Nature Scientific Reports

Pramod Singh's work on a remarkable utilization of metamaterials to generate a two dimensional array of microplasmas has been accepted to Scientific Reports by Nature publishing group. Congrats!


Jerry wins Joseph Noonan Outstanding Doctoral Research Prize

Jian Guo (aka Jerry) has been selected as the inagaural recipient of the Joseph Noonan Doctoral Research Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding research contributions made during doctoral studies in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Tufts University in the past three years. Jerry graduated in 2012 and is currently working for Apple in Cupertino CA. Congratulations Jerry!


Upcoming presentations in 2014

The work done by members of Nanolab will appear at several conferences/workshops this year. This includes two papers at ISCAS 2014 in Melbourne, where one paper is on translinear principle in time mode and the other is a record breaking 0.25V OTA. Then we have four presentations at the World Congress on Biosensors, also in Melbourne on sensors such as paper based sensors and optoelectronic sensors, and platform technologies such as for cell trapping and lysis, and on energy harvesting from gastric acid. Finally we are happy to say that the group will present three papers at Hilton Head Workshop in June, one on nanowire electrode arrays on paper substrate, another on optoelectronic sensor for early detection of cancer, and the third on multiparameter gas sensor that combines uGC column with nanomaterial sensor array.


Sam defends his PhD

Congrats to Sam MacNaughton for succesfully defending his PhD dissertation on "PROGRAMMABLE INTEGRATION OF HETEROGENEOUS NANOMATERIAL ARRAYS ONTO ARBITRARY SUBSTRATES WITH APPLICATIONS IN GAS SENSING" in Sep 2013. Sam finally bids adieu to Tufts after having spent all his academic career including bachelors, masters and doctoral degree at Tufts.  After graduation, he will be working for Sensata. We thank him for being a valuable member of the group particularly as a lab manager and wish him well in his career!

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