Setting Up Your Unix Environment

Cadence can be run only on unix terminals (running SUN OS) or PCs loaded with unix terminal emulators like Exceed. You need to have a sun account to access Cadence. If you don't have an account, please contact the TA or George Preble in Room 133 of the Halligan building for further help. Click this link for the information on unix support from the systems staff (for unix and accounts only) >>

          1.  Open your console or terminal window (terminal).

2.  In case you want to access this tutorial on the SUN workstations, type firefox & at the command prompt to access this tutorial.

3. To make cadence visible and accessible, you will need to update the ".cshrc" setup file (not the '.' in front of the cshrc). This file is present in your home directory (also your default working directory when you open the terminal for the first time).

 To update the .cshrc file, you will first need to open a text editor.

 Type dtpad .cshrc (if you are using the default window manager).

  Please include the following statements in your .cshrc file. If you do not have a .cshrc file, please create one. 

source /local/etc/standard.cshrc
alias cadence "/loc/packages/cadence/solaris/IC5141/local/cadence.csh"

   Save and exit the text editor.

 At this time you will have to type "source.cshrc" at the command prompt in your terminal window to make sure that the above addition to the file has taken effect. You do not have to do this every time you start cadence.

4. making your  temporary simulation directory

mkdir tmp
5. making your working directory for your class (example here is for the course ee103 or you can give any name you want)
mkdir ee103
cd ee103
6. In another terminal, start cadence by running the following script within your working directory

cadence ncsu

This will load cadence with the NCSU Cadence Design kit. If you are planning to use other design kit, contact for its setup



Adapted from  Sameer Sonkusale's  Cadence tutorial of IC 4.4.3   by Jiong Xie on Sept. 13, 2004