Create Symbols

Symbols are useful when creating designs where it is impractical to show every transistor on the top level schematic (i.e. hierarchical designs).  Instead symbols of the cells are created in order to instantiate them in the higher level schematics and make them more readable.  In this tutorial, we will create a symbol of the inverter.

1.  From the Design menu in the schematic window, select Create Cellview ->From Cellview...

create symbol
default symbol

2.  If you want to move any object, just move the cursor on top of the object and type m.  The object will then move with the cursor.  Or you can select the objects to be moved by drawing a box around the objects.  This can be done by clicking and holding on to the left mouse button while you draw the box.  After highlighting      the objects to be drawn, type m and the highlighted objects will move with your cursor.  Likewise, if you want  to delete an object, move the cursor on top of the object and hit the Del key. Or highlight an object or a set of objects by drawing a box around it, as described above and pressing the DEL key.

3.  To draw a line, move your cursor to the Line icon (the icon with a descending line) and click on the left      mouse button.  Icons are to the left of the symbol window.  Move your cursor to the location where you want      to draw a line and click on the left mouse button.  If you draw a closed object the, all you have to do is to click      on the points where you want to change the direction of the line.  However, if you're drawing just a straight      line, you need to double click the left mouse button on the end point of the line to signify the completion of      drawing the line.

4.  To draw a circle (or any other shape), first click on the Line icon and then click on the Cmd options icon      (the second last icon).  A pop up menu will appear.  Select the Shape as circle by clicking on the diamond      button as shown below.


     Then move your cursor to the location where you want to draw the circle and click on the left mouse      button.  That is the center of you circle.  Move your mouse so that the circle is as big as you desire it to be and      then click on the left mouse button again.  To move the circle to the desired place, follow the procedure      mentioned in step 2 above.

5.  You have completed your symbol.  To save your work, select Check and Save from the Design menu in the  symbol window.  You may also save your symbol design by clicking on the Save icon which is the first icon.

6.  To close the symbol window, select Close from the Window menu in the symbol window.


Adapted from  Sameer Sonkusale's  Cadence tutorial of IC 4.4.3   by Jiong Xie on Sept. 13, 2004